Whitepaper: The Intelligent Enterprise for the Telecommunications Industry


5 Strategies for Telcos to run as intelligent enterprises

Intelligent connectivity 5G combined with AI, machine learning, and edge computing offers a strong foundation for new telco business outcomes and models. Here are a few proven strategies and approaches for telcos embarking on the journey to become an intelligent enterprise.

1. Customer Centricity

Customer experience and customer value should be at the center of everything telcos do, from plan and build to fulfill and deliver. Telcos gain and retain customers by providing proactive digital customer experiences across all touch points and by delivering tailor-made services and solutions.

2. Supply Chain and Asset Lifecycle Excellence

Automation and intelligence need to be fully assimilated into telcos’ business processes. There are two essential types of supply chains enabling telco operations: commercial equipment (customer devices such as handsets) and technical equipment (such as network equipment). In the race to the next-generation network, there is enormous value to be recovered in streamlining the management of both supply chains, with automation and intelligence embedded into the processes.

3. Revenue Stream Diversification

With the right combination of business models, strengths, and capabilities, telcos will achieve success in revenue stream diversification by transforming into digital life providers, data brokers, digital transformation enablers, and cloud service providers.

4. Intelligent Connectivity

The intelligent connectivity provided by telcos, combined with the SAP® Intelligent Enterprise
Framework methodology, could be the cornerstone of the journey to becoming intelligent enterprises for most industries and enterprises.

5. Sustainable Growth

It’s time for telcos to double down on sustainability, beginning with the critical task of promoting the reuse and recycling of mobile phones and other consumer devices. With the Internet of Things and advanced analytics, telcos are well equipped to further optimize their energy consumption while accelerating the adoption of renewable energy across their networks.

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Discover why telcos must respond to industry trends and design their customer experience by including customers, product portfolios, and employees.  Learn how telcos can transform into digital service providers by focusing on a customer-first strategy, operational excellence, revenue stream diversification, and intelligent connectivity.