Condition-Based Maintenance: A New Resource in Equinor’s Maintenance Toolbox

Equinor - company profile

Present in 30 countries and by far the biggest energy company in Norway, Equinor provides energy for 170 million people daily and operates the world‘s largest integrated offshore pipeline system. It is the number one pipeline gas supplier in Europe, the 3rd largest net seller of crude oil in the world, and in 2022, celebrated 50 years of turning natural resources into energy for people and progress for society.

Speaking at our recent SAP for Asset and Service Management conference in Madrid, Tom Nåstad Svennevig, Leading Engineer at Equinor, tells us about the journey implementing Condition Based Maintenance (CBM), enabled by the SAP Asset Performance Management solution.

“Equinor wanted to progress from condition monitoring to condition based maintenance. Monitoring requires people to monitor, interpret, decide, and put out an action. We believe that a number of degradation mechanisms can be detected automatically, and actions being taken without human intervention”
Tom Nåstad Svennevig, Leading Engineer, Equinor

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