SAP for Telecommunications Conference

Presented by TAC Insights

October 8 - 9, 2024

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Connect, Innovate, Thrive

Dive into the future of connectivity with the SAP for Telecommunications conference!

Join us to discover how leading telecommunications companies have leveraged SAP’s innovative technologies to propel their transformative journeys, and learn how you can apply these lessons to drive growth and success in your own business.

Whether you’re a network operator, service provider, or technology vendor, this conference presents an unparalleled opportunity to connect, expand your knowledge, and stay abreast of the latest trends in the telecommunications industry.

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What can you expect in Amsterdam?

Interactive masterclasses and demos

Gain practical experience with SAP solutions through hands-on and practical sessions

Learn from SAP users

Collect actionable solutions directly from experienced SAP customers. Learn how to improve your operations by seeing exactly how someone else has tackled the challenges you face

Collaboration and Partnerships

Organise one-to-one meetings with SAP and established partners you are interested in learning from. Secure answers to your most pressing questions

Roadmaps and insights from industry experts

Keynote speakers from SAP and leading telcos share their experiences and insights, answering questions live from the audience

Here’s how to go from “Telco” to “Techco”

Discover the key steps to evolve from a traditional telecommunications company to a technology-driven enterprise. Gain insights from Gary Pan, Industry Director at SAP’s Telecommunications Business Unit, by reading his expert article.

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Originally published by “The Fast Mode,” this article previews the themes and discussions scheduled for October’s event.


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2024 topics include:

Industry overview and trends

A look at the global telecommunications landscape, including market trends and regulatory updates

Digital transformation

Explore how telcos are using SAP to modernize their operations, customer experience, and product offerings

Customer Experience and Engagement

Enhancing the customer experience through leveraging SAP CRM solutions and personalization and customer journey mapping

Cloud computing

Discuss the challenges and opportunities of migrating core telco systems to the cloud using SAP solutions

Revenue assurance and billing

Explore how SAP solutions can streamline billing processes, automate revenue recognition, and improve financial transparency.

Network inventory and asset management

Highlighting how SAP solutions can help telcos track and manage their network infrastructure and assets effectively

The SAP for Telecommunications conference is your chance to join industry leaders, innovators, and experts to explore how SAP solutions can help you:

  • Navigate the evolving telco landscape: Discover how SAP can empower you to embrace new technologies like 5G, edge computing, and the cloud.
  • Optimize your operations: Streamline your processes, improve efficiency, and reduce costs with integrated SAP solutions.
  • Enhance the customer experience: Personalize customer interactions, deliver exceptional service, and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Boost your bottom line: Drive revenue growth, improve profitability, and gain a competitive edge.
SAP for Telecommunications Conference

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