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Rise to new heights with agile treasury

Discover how SAP and their supporting partner ecosystem can help you navigate and thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of treasury and working capital management.

Running connected, intelligent and real-time treasury can help tackle today’s economic challenges. Seize this opportunity to learn how you can unlock cash, enhance financial performance, and automate your operations. You will gain expert insights from industry leaders and forge invaluable connections with fellow professionals.

Whether you are new to the world of SAP or already have established IT landscape, we will provide you with the resources you need to position treasury as a trusted partner to your company’s C-suite by supporting business growth and development.




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What can you expect in Brussels?


Join a community

Become a member of an exclusive SAP treasury and working capital management community. Expand your network internationally and learn from experienced, like-minded professionals.

Learn from SAP, their partners and customers

Collect actionable solutions directly from experienced SAP customers. Learn how to improve your operations by seeing exactly how someone else has tackled the challenges you face.

Meet with the industry

Organise one-to-one meetings with SAP and SAP Partners, as well as establishing relationships with users you are interested in learning from. Secure answers to your most pressing questions.

Prepare for your next project

Vet a wide range of SAP and SAP partners with specific expertise in your field. Identify the right company to support your future goals and ambitions.

Event highlights

  • Insider tips, tricks and lessons learned via 10+ exclusive customer case studies
  • Unparalleled networking opportunities with over 150 treasury and working capital professionals onsite
  • The latest news, updates, exclusive product launches and roadmap insights from SAP, their partners and their customers.
  • A revamped programme format featuring solution focused workshops, customer round tables, birds of a feather discussion groups, partner lead micro-forums and much more to be announced shortly..

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Hot topics

Cash management

Unlock the secrets to strategic cash management.

Enhance decision-making by centralising bank account and cash flow management, gaining real-time visibility into your global bank balance and liquidity forecasts.


Risk management

Navigate the ever-evolving landscape of risk management.

Explore innovative risk management frameworks, cutting-edge technologies and best practices that will empower you to safeguard your organisation’s financial health.

Bank connectivity

Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of bank connectivity.

Empower your team with innovative technologies that streamline communication with financial institutions, optimising cash management and payments, as well as enhancing the overall operational efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Towards a more robust and efficient future with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Gain invaluable insights into how leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can enhance your liquidity management, streamline treasury operations, and improve your overall financial efficiency.

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Impressions from past events

  • “The event was very dynamic, with a great balance between presentations and breaks and it was very easy to get to know each other” – Boehringer Ingelheim

  • “I was inspired by the presentations and wanted to go back to work to put some of these ideas into practice” – Philips

  • “I greatly enjoyed the ability to meet and have a chat with people from different companies and areas, being updated with latest industry developments and functionalities”. – Hapag-Lloyd

  • “I was thrilled to be able to know SAP’s view on the future of treasury and being exposed to the success stories of clients with SAP treasury” – Santander

  • “The conference was well organised with adequate presentation formats and lengths, lots of business cases and great stories. The networking part was also very good in a wonderful location” – European Association of Corporate Treasurers (EACT)

  • “It was a great platform where all companies were able to explain their treasury transformation journeys, what challenges they faced and how they overcame these” – Philips

  • “The smaller more interactive sessions and workshops offered great opportunity for questions” – Shell

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